– Provision of conference venue in a form of tent.

– Sound and video coverage

– Secretarial support service

– Packaging

– Invites, reminder and confirmations

– Accommodation

– Support Including Directions

– Security in lies with SAPS

– Provision of protocol service

– Audio visual equipment, screens and projectors
– Sound systems, mixing consoles, microphones, backline and instruments
– Intelligent lights, generic lighting, dimmers, desks and effects
– Stage podiums, trussing, ground support and roof structures
– Drapping, decorations, catering, marquee tents, vip toilets
– Full technical event support, power, transport, production and logistics


    Event management 

– Hosting of conference

– International conferences

– National Conferences

– Provisional and local conferences

– Gala dinner and other event graduations, wedding, press conferences, etc.